Current Projects

2015 & 2016 Projects
  • Upgrade various traffic signals around town with video
  • Install light at the Twin Springs Parking lot
  • Installing three feeders; one from Country Club Substation, one from Lincoln Street Substation and one out of Moss to serve expansion and industrial load North, South and East of town to ensure
  • Relocating electric lines for the Cheri Whitlock Overpass construction
  • Installing new traffic signal at Cheri Whitlock and Hico
Recent Projects Completed
  • In the past few years we have Constructed the new 69 kV transmission line and Country Club Substation to allow 2 supply points for the city, saving the city approximately $1.5 million.
  • Built lines to feed more customers out of the newly constructed Country Club Substation
  • Installed a traffic signal for better traffic flow and greater safety at Kenwood Street and Mt. Olive
  • Retiring the out of date North Substation
  • Expanded distribution facilities for the growth needs of our existing and future customers