Water Services

The Water Services Division is comprised of twelve employees who are responsible for all water and sewer infrastructure on the City’s system. The Division responds to water main breaks, sewer back-ups, sewer and water-related customer concerns, locating water and sewer lines prior to construction activities, and reading water meters. The Division also maintains the fountains in the downtown area of Sager Creek.

Wastewater Collection System
The Division maintains approximately 91 miles of sewer lines and 1500 sewer manholes. Sewer lines collect a variety of debris, so Division staff must keep the lines clear by the use of a water-jetting machine.

Please see the link below to learn about the importance of homeowners maintaining the integrity of their sewer clean-outs by ensuring the caps are in place. 
Sewer Cleanout Information
Water Infrastructure
There is approximately 153 miles of water lines in sizes ranging from six-inch to 18-inch. Since 2012, staff have been replacing water meters throughout the service area. As of 2014, over 1,800 meters have been replaced.