Sanitary Sewer Root Control Project

Sanitary Sewer Root Control Project

Over the next week, staff from Duke’s Root Control, Inc. (contracted by the City of Siloam Springs) will be locating, inspecting and applying a root control agent into the sanitary sewer system in your neighborhood. This project will prevent stoppages and overflows caused by tree root intrusion in the sewer system.

It will be necessary for the contractor to gain access to some residents’ property in order to reach the manholes to perform the work. If you have received this notice on your door, you likely have a sewer manhole that Duke’s employees will need to access.

Duke’s staff will knock on your door before entering your property in order to complete work. If you do not answer, they will attempt to gain access to the manhole on your property. If Duke’s employees are unable to gain access to your property (locked gate, dog, etc) they will leave a second note asking you to please call them and arrange for a time they can access your property so work can be completed.

We appreciate your cooperation during this project which will help protect your homes and neighborhoods. If you have any questions about this project, please contact Jessica Strickland at the Siloam Springs Public Works Department at 479-238-0921.

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