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Certified 2010 Census Report

Adobe PDF Siloam Springs City Census 2010 Data


For additional census data information, please visit the national website: 2010census

For information regarding the NW Arkansas region, please visit:  REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT SUMMARY 2010

The City wishes to thank the community for their cooperation in providing Census 2010 data.


Population and Housing Statistics for Siloam Springs (September, 2005)

  • The current estimated subdivision population is at 15% of their full potential build out.
  • A subdivision on average takes 2 to 3 years to fully develop to 100% occupancy.
  • Approximately 95% of lots in new subdivisions are single-family; 5% are two family or higher.
  • On average, the City’s housing stock increases by 179 units per year, this is an average increase of 4% per year.

General Information

  • Siloam Springs, population of 15,039 sits on U.S. Highway 412 at the Oklahoma state line, 25 minutes from Interstate Highway 540. Highway 412 at Siloam Springs is the number one non-Interstate entrance into the state of Arkansas with daily averages of 31,000 cars per day, according to AHTD. Only Interstate 30 at Texarkana and Interstate 40 at Memphis handle more traffic into the state.
  • According to a 2003 study, 44% of all employees of major employers live in Oklahoma. The City's population count does not include these workers.
  • As of March 31, 2011, Northwest Arkansas unemployment rate is 7.4% while the nation's unemployment rate is 8.8%.  As of November, 2014, the unemployment rate in the NW Arkansas region is 5.8%. 

The Siloam Springs marketing area is 110,571 as of January, 2006, and breaks down as follows:

          City/County                  % of Population in Trade Area            2006 Estimated Trade Area Population

          Siloam Springs                                 100%                                                   14,000

          Benton County                                 10%                                                    19,135

          Washington County                           3%                                                      5,771

          Adair County                                    85%                                                    25,208

          Delaware County                             85%                                                    33,225

          Cherokee County                             30%                                                    13,232


As set forth above, the 2006 retail trade area population is estimated at 110,571 persons, which translates into 31,592 households (3.5 members per household) which does some or all of its weekly shopping for goods and services within the Siloam Springs trade area. 

  • The Siloam Springs MSA was selected as the number one economy in the nation by the Milken Institute, June 2003 (“Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers” MSA which actually covers Benton and Washington County)
  • The Siloam Springs MSA was selected as the number seven economy in the nation by the Milken Institute, August 2004 (“Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers” MSA which actually covers Benton and Washington County)
  • Housing: Over 900 residential building lots are platted and in some phase of development process in the northeast section of the community
  • Our county, Benton, is the 2nd largest in the State, while our MSA is the sixth fastest (1990-2000)

Direction of Residential Growth

The direction of our residential growth is northeast.

Direction of Commercial Growth

The direction of our commercial growth is northeast.

Shopping Centers

There are several shopping center developments - 2000 - Time Square (11 units)(central part of town) and Wal-Mart Super Center (east part of town), 2002 - Ravenwood Plaza (10 units) (east part of town), 2004 - Sunrise Plaza (five units) (east part of town) and four new units in front of the Wal-Mart Super center (east part of town), 2006 - Signature Plaza.

There is one new shopping center development five to ten years: Tulsa Street Center.

Existing Theaters

There is one movie theater that opened in September, 2007 (

There is one live community theater, the Sager Creek Arts Center (  The Arts Center opened in 1985, and offers the community live theater, music, art, literature, and children's programming. 

Alcohol Sales

In November, 2012, Benton County Arkansas voters approved the retail sale of alcohol. 

In March, 2013 the City Board of Directors approved Ordinance No. 13-03, amending Article IV zoning district regulations, by providing zoning classifications for retail controlled beverage sales. 

To view or print the ordinance, please click here:  Adobe PDF Ord 13-03 - Controlled Beverage Sales

Colleges or Technical Schools

  • John Brown University, a Christian liberal arts college of 1,200 students on campus is located in Siloam Springs.
  • University of Arkansas, the state’s flag ship university of 17,000 students is located in Fayetteville just 45 minutes east of Siloam Springs.
  • Northwest Arkansas Community College, the fastest growing and the second largest in the state with 5,300 students is located in Rogers just 40 minutes east and north of Siloam Springs.
  • Northwest Technical Institute is the Arkansas Vo-Tech school with 1,000 students and is located in Springdale just 30 minutes from Siloam Springs
  • Northeast Technology Center is the Oklahoma Vo-Tech school with 550 students and is located in Kansas, Oklahoma, just 20 minutes to the west of Siloam Springs


Siloam Springs Regional Hospital opened in April, 2012.  The new facility is located in the northeast section of town, across the street from the Siloam Springs High School.  A new medical offices facility will be open next to the hospital in 2013. 

There are four other hospitals in each of the four other communities in Northwest Arkansas. All are either new or newly remodeled.

Nursing Facilities

There are two with a total bed number of 258.

Auto Dealerships

There are three new-car dealerships and all are located within 500 feet of each other on U.S. Highway 412. There is a Ford/Mercury dealer, a Chevrolet dealer and a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Pontiac/Buick/GMC dealer. There are no new new-car dealerships while there are several “used” car dealerships in the community.

Major Employers & Number of Employees

Sager Creek Vegetable Company, 1000+
Cherokee Casino, 285
City Of Siloam Springs, 200
Cobb-Vantress, 200
DaySpring Cards, 425
Gates Corporation, 650
John Brown University, 407
La-Z-Boy of Arkansas, 525
McKee Foods, 1,450
Ozark Electronics Repair, 350
PipeLife Jet Stream, 92
Siloam Springs Memorial Hospital, 300
Simmons Foods, 1881
Wal-Mart SuperCenter, 450
Webb Wheel Productions, 162

Traffic Count Map

This map can be downloaded here.

Road Expansion/Extension

Can be provided upon inquiry

Tourist Events

Annual Special Events, time of event, draw in population:

  • Dogwood Festival in Spring - 30,000 total over the weekend
  • Siloam Springs Rodeo in mid June – 10,000 over four days
  • Christmas parade on the 1st Saturday in December - 6,500
  • City fireworks presentation, July 4th - 6,000
  • Northwest Arkansas Marching Band Invitational in October – 2,500
  • JBU Candlelight Christmas Concerts – 2,400
  • Summer Music Games (national marching band competition) in July – 1,800
  • JBU Homecoming in October – 1,000
  • Siloam Springs Music Games (Marching Band Competition) in July – 2,000

Number of Platted Homes and Price Range in $ thousands

New housing developments – Inside City Limits:
A. Patriot Park - 128 lots, $125-170k
B. Walnut Woods - 112 lots, 125-170k
C. Stone Crest - 40 lots , 150-190k
D. Highland Park - 10 lots, 150-170k
E. “18 Acres” - 14 lots , 200k +
F. The Meadow - 18 lots , 165k +
G. Heritage Ranch - 79 lots, 125-170k
H. Ashley Park - 120 lots, 95-110k

I.  The Woodlands - 59 lots available, $150-200k

New housing developments – Outside City Limits
I. Club View - 12 lots , 225k +
J. River Ridge - 16 lots, 150-250k
K. Timber Ridge - 10 lots, 97-200k
L. Spring Harbor - 10 lots, 250 k
M. Grace Estates - 19 lots , 150-260k

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