Service Rates

Available Burial Space Types
Types of Burial Space
Upright Monument Spaces 4' x 8' $575
Ground Level Monument Spaces 4' x 8' $275
Ground Level - Block 34 - 4' x 8' $300
Cremation Garden 24" X 24" $125
Infant Spaces (Designated by Sexton) 2' X 4' $ 50
Contact cemetery office for information regarding the burial of ashes on an existing family member's grave. Family Estate Lots are no longer available at Oak Hill Cemetery

Columbarium Niches
 Columbarium Niches
Double Urns - All inclusive with engraving and placement
Single Urn - All inclusive with engraving and placement
Emblems, attached vases and additional engravings are not permitted. Fresh flowers may be left at base. 

Perpetual Care Fee
The perpetual care fee shall be collected at the time of the interment and shall be determined by the size of the lot in which the interment is made. The fee shall be assessed only once for any lot whether or not the lot contains 2 or more interments.
 Location Fee
Upright Spaces $125
Standard Spaces $75
Cremation Garden $30
Baby Land $15

Opening & Closing Fees
Grave openings may be ordered Monday through Friday during normal business hours with 24 hours advance notice. However, Monday services must be ordered by 4 p.m. on the preceding Friday. (Ordinance No. 93-15) Disinterments are twice the cost of the opening and closing fee for the specific type of burial involved.
Type of Service
Monday through Friday $275
Additional on Saturday $100
Additional on Sunday or Holiday $200
Cremation Burial $50
Baby Spaces $25