Major Projects Tracker

A detour sign stands prominently in the foreground, directing traffic amid ongoing construction.

The Community Development Department team is excited to announce that residents and visitors can now explore the Major Projects Tracker, offering information about recent and ongoing projects in the community. The Tracker is user-friendly and designed for easy comprehension.Here are some helpful tips for navigating the Major Projects Tracker:

  • Utilize the "+" and "-" icons at the bottom right to zoom in on the map. To reset the map to its default position, click on the "home" icon between the zoom functions.

  • Click on the city logo within the Tracker to view in full-screen mode.
  • Projects are categorized into Residential and Significant Development, further sorted by completion status. Toggle between these categories by selecting the tabs near the top center of the Tracker. The initial load defaults to the "Residential" tab.
  • Project information is presented below the relevant tab as named and numbered square icons. Each icon's number corresponds to its location marker on the map. Click on a project icon to access details such as location, and summary. The selected project's map marker will be enlarged for easier identification.

  • We are continually seeking ways to enhance the Tracker. Do you have suggestions for map changes or specific information you'd like to access? Reach out to us at