"Building on a Heritage of Dependability"

The City of Siloam Springs is a public power community, operated and governed by the people for their benefit since 1903. The city now operates 187.2 miles of distribution power lines, 33% of which is underground. The city also has 10 miles of 69kv transmission lines. In 2017, The Electric Department served 7,674 total customers. The department also maintains 4 substations,1 of which was built by department staff. The department installs and maintains street lights, rental lights and traffic signals.

The Electric Department  has several other customer services besides reliable energy. The Electric Department performs electrical inspections, meter testing and fiber optic installation. The department also participates in community events, such as the Dogwood Festival and Light up Downtown Project.

Department Strengths

  • Competitive Rates
  • Consumer Driven
  • Locally Located
  • Publicly Owned
  • Resource for Revenue
  • Responsive, Reliable Service

Generator Safety During Power Outage

Read the full article (PDF) on what steps you can take during a power outage to maintain a safe environment.

Energy-Saving Tips

Access a variety of energy-saving suggestions by checking out the Energy Saver resource provided by energy.gov.