Facts & Information

  • The Fire Department charges an out-of-city fee for services. This includes equipment, mileage, and personnel fees.
  • All fire reports are held at Station #1. Fire reports will only be distributed to homeowners / renters or legal services and may be picked up during regular business hours.
  • The open burning of materials in the city is controlled by federal regulation and state statute. The city's ordinance 5.18.12-16 establishes specific details for the process of open burning on a day-to-day basis. The city's Central Dispatch Center issues permits and instructions.
  • Arkansas law prohibits most outdoor burning, but there are certain exceptions. Please contact the Fire Department for specifics.
  • In 2015, amendments were made to the EMS Fee schedules for our Ambulance Service, these updates are posted just below this dialog box as required by Ordinance

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