Logo & Identity

A new logo was created for the city in the summer of 2006. The project began with a questionnaire sent to a random group of citizens for their input. We invited city employees to offer their suggestions and we asked for professional design services as well. This information was carefully studied and used to help create the symbol you see.

Many saw the logo, simply as the letter "S," seemingly a reminder of the initial letter of the city's name. Others saw it as a symbol for Sager Creek meandering through the historic downtown. Still others saw a path, and followed the curve downward to Siloam Springs, the final destination at the southern portion of Benton County, Northwest Arkansas. We wanted the drawing to look fluid and natural, like brushstrokes rather than hard, exact lines.
Siloam Springs Logo
Color Consideration
Next, we considered color. Many questionnaire responses emphasized the beautiful trees and parks in Siloam Springs, others emphasized the fountains and various water features throughout town. And so, the vibrant green and blue colors you see were chosen to express the city's scenic, natural setting. We hope you'll enjoy viewing the logo on the website and around town, as we continue to expand its implementation.

Our final task was a tagline to accompany the logo. Once again, we considered the city's natural setting as well as our state motto, "The Natural State." The tagline development resulted in an interesting play on words.

For those visiting, relocating, or starting their business here, we understand why you've chosen Siloam Springs, ... "It's a Natural."


Proper Use of Logo
To review proper use of the logo, please review our Brand Standards Manual.

Contact Information
If you need to obtain our logo in a different format, please contact Marketing via email.