Curbside Collection Program

Curbside recycling resumes Monday, May 11, 2020.  

Recycling tubs are available at the Transfer Station at 1108 E Ashley Street.
What can I recycle?

The City offers weekly curbside collection of the following items:

Paper - includes newspapers, magazines, junk mail, school papers, etc...

Cardboard - includes corrugated cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, etc...

#1 & #2 Plastic Bottles - Not all plastics are recyclable in our program, even if they have a #1 or #2 on them.  The only ones we can take are containers with a "neck" on them.  (An opening smaller than the body of the container.)
Tin Cans - includes soup, veggie, coffee etc... cans

Aluminum Cans - includes soda, energy drink, etc... cans

What Happens to my Recycled Items?

Access a document containing specific recycling information (PDF).

Recycling Informational Brochures

Curbside Collection

City of Siloam Springs Sanitation Department41

Recycling Drop-Off

City of Siloam Springs Sanitation Department61

Please Note

*Glass is not included in the curbside collection program, but can be recycled at the City's drop-off center located at 1108 E. Ashley St.

#3 - #7 Plastic Recyclables

Staff was notified that our market in Oklahoma for the #3 - #7 plastics is no longer in business. Staff is attempting to locate another market for them, but until we find one, we have pulled the #3 - #7 collection tank at the Transfer Station.