Benton County Hazard Mitigation Plan

The City of Siloam Springs falls under Benton County Emergency Management.

The 2021 Benton County Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) revision is threefold in its purpose. Strictly speaking, the Benton County Hazard Mitigation Plan provides guidance to substantially and permanently reduce Benton County and its communities' vulnerability to natural hazards.

This plan revision encompasses the continuation and updating of this original mission by incorporating new GIS technologies, improving its risk assessment methodologies, and recalibrating its mitigation strategies based on an assessment of the previous plan, approved in November of 2016, and the previous plan's usefulness over the past five years.

Secondly, participation in and the adoption of this plan grants the adopting entity the ability to apply for multiple grant funding programs through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Additionally, a tertiary purpose of the plan is to promote sound public policy and support other local, regional, and state planning efforts which have the effects of protecting citizens, critical facilities, infrastructure, private property, and the natural environment. The development of this plan revision does so by increasing public awareness and education, collaborating with other planning organizations and governments engaged in planning efforts, serving as a reference and resource for the public, various governments, and other entities.

The Benton County Hazard Mitigation Plan is being updated and revised for Benton County and its participating jurisdictions. This plan covers 20 municipalities, 1 college, and 7 school districts in Benton County, including the governments of: Benton County, the City of Bella Vista, City of Bentonville, City of Bethel Heights, City of Cave Springs, City of Centerton, City of Decatur, City of Gentry, City of Gravette, City of Little Flock, City of Lowell, City of Pea Ridge, City of Rogers, City of Siloam Springs, City of Sulphur Springs, the Town of Avoca, Town of Garfield, Town of Gateway, Town of Highfill, Town of Springtown, the Northwestern Arkansas Community College, Bentonville School District, Decatur School District, Gentry School District, Gravette School District, Pea Ridge School District, Rogers School District, and the Siloam Springs School District

The mitigation goals for Benton County and this plan's participating jurisdictions were established based upon results from the local and state risk assessments, stakeholder meetings, and input from an extensive public survey. These goals represent the plan's participants' long-term vision for the continued reduction of hazard risks and the enhancement of their mitigation capabilities.

  1. Reduce the risk from natural hazard events utilizing community cooperation and an all-hazards approach.
  2. Pursue additional, complete, and accurate data in support of mitigation planning, disaster preparedness, disaster response, and disaster recovery operations.
  3. Integrate the hazard mitigation plan's findings into the planning, and decision-making processes for all current and future emergency management and preparedness related activities.
  4. Minimize the risk to life and property from dam failures.
  5. Minimize the risk to property from droughts.
  6. Minimize the risk to life and property from floods.
  7. Minimize the risk to life and property from severe storms.
  8. Minimize the risk to life and property from tornadoes.
  9. Minimize the risk to life and property from wildfires.
  10. Minimize the risk to life and property from winter storms.

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