Without being stated in the disqualifiers, if circumstances exist which indicate than an application is clearly unsuited for a position within the Siloam Springs Police Department, the applicant will be disqualified and sent a letter from Human Resources.

Temporary Disqualifiers:
1. Any current misdemeanor charge or a misdemeanor conviction within the preceding two (w) years. Exception: Traffic related offenses.
2. Currently under indictment for or charged with any criminal offense.
3. May not have used an illegal controlled substance within the last three (3) years as defined by Federal and State Law.
4. No DWI conviction within the last three (3) years.

Permanent Disqualifiers:
1. Any Felony Conviction (including offenses pardoned or expunged)
2. Conviction of a Class "A" Misdemeanor for domestic violence/abuse, theft or crime of moral turpitude.
3. Certain levels of habitual illegal drug or controlled substance use.
4. Discharge from the Armed Forces with a Bad Conduct or Dishonorable Discharge, or a General Discharge for misconduct or failure to adapt.
5. Having been discharged from any city, state, federal or private corrections institute or law enforcement agency as an Officer or Civilian for disciplinary reasons, resigning to avoid suspension, or discharge or having resigned during a disciplinary investigation without final judgement being rendered.
6. Making false statements (lying), falsely swearing to statements or any other manner of falsifying testimony in any official matter or in any significant business transaction.
7. Omitting incidents, circumstances, or information of material fact that would otherwise be used in consideration for an offer of employment, or any deceptive statement or act.

Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement minimum standards: http://www.clest.org/regulations