Burn Permit & Rural Fire Membership Information

Burn Permit

No such permit or permission shall be issued to kindle, build, maintain or use a fire within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or within two feet of any concrete curb or the surface or any permanent pavement. Burning, as permitted, shall also be subject to additional proper safeguards as the chief of the fire department may prescribe. All burning of materials permitted shall be conducted on still days, during daylight hours, with an adult in constant attendance, and shall be done in a location of at least 50 feet from any building or structure and where standing grass or weeds will not communicate fire to nearby property.

The open burning of materials in the city is controlled by federal regulation and state statutes. The City Municipal Code 38-6 establishes specific details for the process of open burning on a day-to-day basis. The city’s Central Dispatch Center issues permits and instructions.

Arkansas law prohibits most outdoor burning, but there are certain exceptions. Please contact the Fire Department for specifics.

Residents outside Siloam Springs City Limits must request a Burn Permit through Benton County. Please call 1-866-207-5140

Please click on the link below to request a burn permit. If the link is not available, then there is no burning allowed today. Please try back tomorrow.

Reminder: Burn permits are only good for one day. If you are burning for multiple days, please request a separate burn permit each day.

Burn Permit Form

Rural Fire Membership Information and Payment Link

To pay your Rural Fire Membership Dues online,

Click HERE.

The Siloam Springs Board of Directors Rural Fire Membership program is now underway. Effective May 01, 2013, residents with homes and or property outside of the city limits, and within the Siloam Springs Fire District boundaries, can join the Siloam Springs Rural Fire Membership program.

To read more about the program, please view the following documents/resources:

o    Rural Fire Membership-Informational Document (PDF)

o    SSFD Primary Fire Response Area (4-9-13) (PDF)

o    SSFD Billing Notice (4-10-13) (PDF)

All households within the city limits are protected by the Fire Department.  No membership is required for residents inside city limits. 

For any questions or concerns, please call 479-524-3103 or email firedepartment@siloamsprings.com