Firework's Permit Information & Application

Instructions for Obtaining a Firework’s Permit in the City of Siloam Springs, Arkansas

1. Purchase the permit for a fee of $500.00 for each location at Fire Station #1, 1450 Cheri Whitlock Dr. Office phone 479-524-3103.

Permits run from June 25 through July 5, and December 26 through January 1 each year. 

2. Ensure that location is an approved location. Provide a copy of a site plan.

3. Before a permit to sell fireworks is issued, the person applying for the permit must show proof that such location will be insured by      a licensed insurance company for $1,000,000.00 premises liability

4. Obtain written proof from the property owner consenting to the operation of a temporary firework’s stand (lease is sufficient) 

5. Attach a copy of the Arkansas Sales & Use Tax Permit.

6. Contact the State Fire Marshal Office to obtain the appropriate permit for the sale of firework’s at 501-618-8624

7. Schedule an Inspection of the site and tent with the Fire Marshal 479-524-3103.


Contact the City of Siloam Springs Fire Marshal at 479-524-3103. The Fire Marshal must approve the exact location of the tent and ensure compliance with city ordinances and fire code requirements. All requirements must be met before sales to the public are allowed.

Click the link below to read the entire section 38 of the city ordinance code on fireworks. 

Ordinance Information on use and sale of Firework’s

Click here to download the Firework’s application