Public Art

Siloam Springs loves public art.  We have incorporated murals, sculptures, natural elements, and more throughout the city to showcase pieces that reflect the Siloam Springs community. 

Artist Yatika Fields stands in front of his mural in Memorial Park

Artists Yatika Fields in front of colorful mural of heron and fauna

Painted rocks near the pedestrian bridge in City Park are a colorful reminder that community can come together to create impactful art pieces.

painted rocks art near pedestrian bridge

Storm drains have been painted throughout downtown by student volunteers to remind that drains lead to Sager Creek and affect aquatic and wildlife.

mural on storm drain of an angry-looking clown fish

There are a number of small murals by artist Jason Jones depicting wildlife who inhabit Siloam Springs.

young boy sitting on concrete in front of a heron mural reading a book

Downtown Rotating Art

The downtown Siloam Springs public art initiative began as a discussion in late 2018 among the volunteer members of the Downtown Improvements Committee that supports Main Street Siloam Springs. The committee’s mission is: To improve the aesthetics, accessibility, and infrastructure of downtown in response to current and relevant connectivity and strategic plans.

The committee wanted to promote and showcase local art in the downtown space, and create opportunities for upcoming artists. A connection was made with Donna Smith Jones, the Director of Recruitment and Outreach at the University of Arkansas School of Art. A seminar course was developed specifically for this project, to give sculpture students the opportunity to learn the additional design considerations needed when creating art for public spaces. The initial seminar course took place in the Fall 2019 semester, with student class time focused on learning the difference in art displayed publicly versus in an art studio, understanding contracts with government organizations, and including safety considerations into design. The student designs were submitted to a panel of Siloam Springs artists, business owners, University of Arkansas School of Art representatives, and local government representatives in late 2019, and four final designs were chosen in early 2020. The sculpture fabrication was scheduled to occur during the Spring 2020 semester with an early Summer 2020 installation.  COVID-19 safety regulations prevented students from accessing campus facilities including fabrication sites until the Fall 2020 semester. Sculpture fabrication was completed at the University of Arkansas School of Art sculpture studio. One of the four artists chosen to install a sculpture downtown was unable to complete her intended design due to moving out of state. The sculptures are on loan to the City of Siloam Springs for one year, with the intention of continuing this partnership with the University of Arkansas School of Art to allow for new student art to be displayed downtown on a rotating basis.
artist Jordan Anson stands by her sculpture "Vantage" a series of welded triangles & plexiglas
artist Piper standing in front of her metal sculpture in downtown Siloam Springs
Grow Your Own Way art sculpture
map of public art in Siloam Springs