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Facilities Rental Policy

  1. Rules
    • A damage and cleaning deposit is required for rental on all facilities of the Parks and Recreation Department. This deposit will be refunded if the facility is left in an acceptable manner as determined by Parks and Recreation staff. All or part of the deposit may be kept if extra cleaning or repair costs are incurred. If repair or cleanup exceeds the amount of the deposit the renter shall be responsible for such costs.
    • Reservations are made through the Parks and Recreation Department and are confirmed when the deposit and rental fees are paid, the Rental Policy is signed, and the Rental Application is filled out.
    • Rental and deposit fees shall be forfeited if notice of cancellation is not received by the Parks and Recreation Department 48 hours prior to the time of the reservation date.
    • The hours of reservation must be agreed upon ahead of time and cannot be changed without a 48-hour notice to the Parks and Recreation Department.
    • Any organization, group, or individual assumes full responsibility of the facility including responsibility for the behavior of others and any damages. The applicant agrees to pay the cost of necessary repairs or equipment that is lost or damaged as a result of the event.
    • Organizations shall be permitted to charge admission, sell memberships or goods only if the proceeds are used for the benefit of their non-profit programs. The facilities shall not be used for a commercial nature.
    • Use of birthday candles or floating candles is permitted. No other candles for decorating will be allowed. The use of nails or staples is prohibited. Tape is allowed if removed after the event.
    • The orange bar locks on the north and south glass doors must be removed before your group uses the facility.
    • Set-up and clean-up time will be included in the rental time period.
    • Renters shall not enter the facility before their scheduled time and must vacate the building when their time is complete.
    • All facilities must be vacated by midnight.
    • State and local laws regarding alcoholic beverages, smoking, and gambling will be observed in the facilities and park areas. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Smoking is prohibited in the buildings.
    • The use of motorized vehicles in any park area or green spaces prohibited.
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