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Bid Title: Cheri Whitlock Property Development
Category: City Bids
Status: Closed


On behalf of the City of Siloam Springs, the Community Development Department is seeking development proposals for a vacant parcel of land the City owns. A tentative address of 3500 Cheri Whitlock has been assigned to this 27.62-acre parcel; however, the address is dependent on street access and use. This parcel benefits from significant public and private investments in the immediate vicinity, including the Siloam Springs Public High School, Siloam Springs Regional Hospital, Wal-Mart Supercenter, Centennial Bank, Signature Plaza Shopping Center, Hampton Inn, and the Siloam Springs Municipal Airport. The parcel also has direct and easy access to Highway 412.?

The City’s development goals for the site include maximizing the site’s development potential and contributing to the vibrancy of the Siloam Springs area with a well-designed development that will bring employees, residents, customers, hotel guests and/or visitors to the area.

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. CST

Proposals are due in City offices no later than 2:00 p.m. local time Thursday, September 21, 2017.  City staff will hold an optional pre-proposal meeting on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. at the City Annex Building located at 410 N. Broadway, Siloam Springs, to discuss the RFP and answer questions.

The City shall compare the proposals and award the contract to the highest qualified and most reasonably priced proposer if the best interests of the City would be served thereby.  The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, and to waive non-prejudicial irregularities.  

Publication Date/Time:
8/18/2017 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
9/21/2017 2:00 PM
Submittal Information:
Contact Don Clark, Community Development Director
Pre-bid Meeting:
September 06, 2017
Contact Person:
Questions regarding the RFP should be directed via email to the following City staff representative.

Don Clark, Community Development Director

In addition, City staff may provide periodic updates and addenda to this project and this information also will be posted on the City website. Potential respondents are encouraged to periodically check the City website for any new information concerning this process. We encourage you to sign up for notifications through the City’s website at

Plan & Spec Available:
Contact Brandy Rowbotham 479-238-0927 or
Business Hours:
Monday- Friday 8 am- 5 pm CST
Development Goals, Visions, and Possible Uses
As noted, the overall goal is a development which will build upon and complement the vitality of surrounding area, including supporting the success of existing uses, while maximizing the development potential of the site. The potential for this area is one that combines natural amenities, educational opportunities, housing, workplaces and retail services. Proposals for the site should contribute to this mix of activity by creating a unique place, providing commercial services or experiences, and/or high density residential buildings to draw in visitors, employees and/or residents.
A wide range of uses are possible, including office, residential and hotel. Residential uses may be rental and/or ownership and may be directed to the general market or targeted to a specific segment such as senior citizens or students. The goal is to achieve a block that is pedestrian-friendly and active and that supports additional development in the adjacent area.
• Impacts
Developer will be asked to complete a portion of the collector street that will connect to the property. This street, Simon Sager, will be a vital element to the continued connectivity of commercial, industrial, residential, and visitor traffic in the community. Completion percentages and timelines can be discussed with City staff upon RFP review.
Special Requirements:
Proposal Contents
The information being requested through this RFP is necessary for the City of Siloam Springs to adequately evaluate your proposal. Failure to supply the requested information may result in rejection of your proposal. The City is not responsible for the costs incurred by proposers or their subcontractors incurred in connection with this RFP process, including, but not limited to costs associated with preparing a proposal or associated with participating in any presentations or negotiations related to this RFP.
Proposals must include the following:
1. A cover page that includes the following information:
a. Developer’s name and mailing address
b. Developer’s current legal status: corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, etc.
c. Federal ID number or Social Security number
d. State ID number
e. Contact person’s name, title, phone number, fax number and e-mail address
f. Signature of authorized corporate officer for each entity proposing as a partnership or team
g. Developer’s ability to complete the development, including experience and financial backing information.

2. A description (narrative, schematic plans and elevations) of the proposed development (e.g., size of building and square footage of specific components, nature of improvements and how they would bring active public uses to the block, amount and type of parking spaces needed, anticipated materials and design style/concept, circulation patterns, proposed public realm improvements, loading/service provisions) to be built on the site. As noted above, the proposal should indicate how the setbacks might best be deployed to complement the proposal. If residential development is proposed, the proposal should include tentative information about the bedroom compositions, rents and/or sales prices and amenities/services included. If commercial development is proposed, information should be included about the anticipated type of tenants expected.

3. An identification of the entities that will be involved, a description of the roles they will play (e.g., developer, building owner, tenant, professional consultant) and a summary of the team’s past experience in working together. A description of the entities' experience in developing similar projects must be included, including location, type of development, proposer’s role(s), cost of project, funding sources, status of project and information about any continued financial or operating interest in each. Identify the principal person who will speak for the development team and any other key participants who will be involved in negotiating the project terms. Specify whether the development entity is or intends to form a corporation, a general or limited partnership, a joint venture or other type of business association to carry out the proposed development. The developer must also provide two years of financial statements, which may be submitted confidentially under separate cover. Design consultants and contractors on the team must be licensed in the State of Arkansas; the submission must include a certification that identified team members meet these requirements.

4. A market study or other information documenting the demand for the proposed space.

5. A description of the public benefits that will result from the development, e.g., the number and types of housing units, the creation or retention of jobs (including the estimated number, type and wage levels), tax base enhancement, the provision of retail goods and services, public realm improvements, etc. This should include an estimate of the taxable real estate value upon completion and annual real estate taxes.

6. A proposed time frame for the development, including identification of any conditions that must be met before the proposal can become a reality. The schedule should include the time needed to obtain financing, complete design and secure permits and approvals, prepare the site, start and complete construction, and start and complete lease-up and/or sellout.
7. An executed “Consent for Release of Response Data” form (see Exhibit A). Proposals that do not include an executed “Consent for Release of Response
Data” form shall be considered incomplete which will be grounds for rejection of the entire proposal.

8. Any other information that would help City staff understand and evaluate the concept.

The contents of the proposal and any clarification to the contents submitted by the successful proposer may become part of the contractual obligation and be incorporated by reference into the redevelopment contract between the selected developer and the City.

Review/evaluation criteria:
In reviewing potential development concepts, the following criteria are among those that will be considered:
• The experience and the financial and organizational capacity of the developer in successfully planning and completing development projects of similar type and scale, on time and within budget. The developer’s development track record with the City of Siloam Springs, including any history of meeting (or not meeting) its contractual commitments to the City, will be an important factor.
• The existence of committed building tenant(s), if a commercial or office proposal.
• The degree to which the proposal supports the neighborhood’s design character and contributes to the public realm.
• The quality of the proposed project’s exterior design and materials and the intended application of LEED or other environmental standards.
• The market and financial feasibility of the project, and its ability to secure necessary private funds and be started and completed in a timely manner.
• The public benefits to be provided by the development (e.g., the generation of real estate taxes, the creation or retention of jobs, the provision of housing units and/or commercial goods and services).
• The land price and whether any additional public investment would be needed to make the project feasible.
• Overall quality of the submission

The City may, in its sole discretion, expand or reduce the criteria upon which it bases its final decisions regarding selection of the developer for this parcel.

• Location and Description of Parcel
This is a 27.62-acre tract as part of the former Garden Meadows housing addition. The property has streets cut, but asphalt was never laid. The parcel is accessible from Cheri Whitlock Drive and Wisteria Street. The complete legal description of the property is as follows:
A Parcel of land situated the North East Quarter of the South West Quarter of Section 33, Township 18 North, Range 33 West of the 5th Principle Meridian, in the City of Siloam Springs, Benton County, Arkansas designated as Proposed Tract A and shown on Plat Record 2010 at Page 315 of the Records of the Ex-Officio Recorder of Benton County, Arkansas, and described as follows;
A Part of the North East Quarter of the South West Quarter of Section 33, Township 18 North, Range 33 West, Benton County, Arkansas;
Beginning at an existing rebar marking the South East Corner of said Forty Acre Tract and running
Thence N 87°54’41” W 927.50 feet to an existing iron pin,
Thence N 02°16’23” E 656.72 feet to an existing iron pin;
Thence N 88°09’27” W 20.27 feet to a point on the South Right of Way line of Wisteria Lane,
Thence N 02°16’23” E 630.45 feet to the South Right of Way line of Arkansas State Highway 204;
Thence along said South Right of Way line the following:
S 87°43’09” E 143.57 feet to an existing Right of Way Monument;
S 76°08’57” E 51.25 feet to an existing 60D nail;
S 87°54’03” E 50.06 feet to an existing 60D nail;
N 80°26’51” E 50.81 feet to an existing Highway Right of Way Monument;
S 87°49’34” E 651.94 feet to an existing Pipe;
Thence leaving said South Highway Right of Way Line S 02°10’22” W 1285.42 feet to the
POINT OF BEGINNING; Containing 27.62 acres, more or less.
Subject to all Easements and Rights of Way of Record.
The parcel is 27.62 acres located off Cheri Whitlock. See survey at:
• Planning Framework
The parcel is zoned C2 (Roadway Commercial). The current zoning is intended to provide for the development parks, offices, retailers, motels, motor vehicle service stations, small institutions, and large commercial facilities. Rezoning will be considered if proposed usage is different from those listed above.

The governing policy direction for development of the parcel comes from the Comprehensive Plan – Forward Siloam Springs; The Siloam Springs 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The comprehensive plan can be viewed at:
As with all proposed development in the city, final plans are subject to compliance with adopted City policies and ordinances.

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